“Bruce Stanko is a company owner and community activist in Erie, Pennsylvania. Stanko, the semi-retired owner and CEO of Corry National and U.S. Pharmacare Inc., is considered as a capable corporate manager with a successful approach to team-building, communication, and maintaining a dynamic work atmosphere that is constantly conducive to innovation.”

Bruce Stanko has won two medical patents during his career as a leading medical product designer and executive, including the telephonic pacemaker and single channel EKG monitoring device in 1992 and the electrocardiographic signal monitoring system in 1995. During his tenure as CEO, Stanko has received numerous awards, including the highly coveted Pittsburgh Business Man of the Year for Patents and Accomplishments in 1992.


ECG Monitoring Electrodes – 3 Steps to Proper Placement

To use ECG monitoring electrodes properly, you must know how to properly apply the probes. There are three main steps to follow when applying these electrodes to the patient. The first step is to make sure that the electrodes are in full contact with the patient’s skin. Ensure that the ECG monitors are positioned so […]

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